Hatha Yoga


Location: The Dorchester Yoga Therapy Centre, Studio 2

Time: Monday Evenings. 19:45-21:00

Parking: Trinity Street (Co-Op)

Arrival: Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class. 

Covid Protocol: Follow latest government guidelines. Sanitize hands at doors and wear masks until you are within your mat allocation space. Choose your mat space by using the taped guidance on the floor.

  • Remove shoes/coats in the cloakroom area. 
  • Toilets on site. 
  • Please bring your own mat and a blanket for comfort. 


All Levels Welcome from beginners to advanced.

Time for questions at the end of the class.

Katie will ask if you mind receiving adjustments at the beginning of the class and ask for any health updates.

  • More classes at venues in Dorset are coming soon.
  • For infomation on private tuition, parties, corperate yoga, online classes and more please get in touch.



£8 pre-booked single class  OR  £30 for x4 consecutive classes (monthly payment)

Payment Instruction

  1. Cash accepted.
  2. Transfer accepted.

Payee account name: Available upon booking.
Sort Code: Available upon booking.
Account number: Available upon booking.


Should you experience any of the Covid-19 symptoms please notify Katie as soon as possible. You will have one redeemable voucher pending for future class attendance once you are fit and able to return.

Should you wish to cancel a class for any other reason please note that cancellations after a 48 hour notice period will be chargeable in full.  Any personal queries please contact Katie.


Held yoga postures with relaxation to follow. Never work through pain, release into relaxation when required. Listen to the body and choose variation within capacity. Find balance between tension and relaxation. 

Contraindications: Vary between postures. Please discuss limitations with Katie prior to class.


Breathing exercises for energy increase, mood stabilization and grounding relaxation. Drains sinus, increases lung capacity and strengthens internal tissues.

Contraindications: Severe asthma, lung scarring, abdominal pain. Please discuss limitations with Katie prior to class.


Mobile: 07398 497 663

Email: [email protected]

Other services: Online Yoga Classes, Private Tuition, Parties, Corperate Yoga, Meditation Classes, Kirtan, Yoga Life Workshops & Deep Tissue Holistic Massage.